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A Story to Tell

The Tortius and the hare Once upon a time there was a very slow tortoise, let’s call him a turtle for the sake of simplicity, and a very fast hare, otherwise known as a rabbit.  Every day they would walk the same path on their way around the forest, let’s call it their life. And each day the rabbit would run circles around the turtle. But the turtle went at the same pace and always ended up at home. The rabbit noticed how slow the turtle was and poked fun at him, “You are soooo slooooow turtle, I can run circles around you.” But the turtle didn’t care. He just kept his same pace.

One day the turtle was tired of being ridiculed and challenged the rabbit to a race. The rabbit laughed but took the challenge. They both started at the same place and both left with the same enthusiasm. The rabbit quickly outran the turtle, but the turtle kept his same steady pace.  The rabbit, not wanting the turtle to feel too bad about losing, decided to stop on the side of the road and graze on some newly blooming clover. He filled his belly and even decided to take a quick nap. After all, the turtle would not be along for quite a while.  But soon the turtle, still has his steady pace, passed the spot where the rabbit was napping, not even noticing the sleeping hare.

When the rabbit awoke, the turtle was no where in sight and he assumed he hadn’t passed him yet.  And you know the rest of the story.

Sometimes I feel like a turtle, slow and steady at this quest for successful weight lose. I have watched several friends “dieting” and seen them lose weight quickly. For me, I am just teetering around the 30 pounds lost since mid-February. I have had some challenges along the way, but don’t we all in this journey called life?  I have continued to lose and am now seeing the quick-loss friends as they stop to nap, and watching them gain back some of their weight loss.

The truth is, most every diet works. The hard fact is, you have to stick to it. UniqueU has provided a way to adjust your life by following their program and, even when you have a detour or two, you get back on the path and continue to lose. Last week when I went in for my “accountability time” I told one of the gals that I had only done “ok” but my scale at home hadn’t changed.  My clothes feel looser and I can wear so many things that have been hanging. But much to my delight, I was down 3.8 pounds!

So and steady, step by step, over gravel, rocks and around the boulders, I know that I will continue to go, at my pace, until I cross the finish line where I will be quite comfortable staying for a very long time. Hang in there turtle, the finish line is just ahead!

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