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Ahhhh…Comfortable Jeans!

So I am getting more and more “notices” from my now 16.5 pounds lost! I am very excited to be able to fit into some spring clothes that I couldn’t wear at all last year!  I was down to two pairs of “baggy jeans” and now can fit into most of mine (although some are still breath-taking). I love the options I have uncovered in my closet.

The 16.5 pounds isn’t monumental (yet) but it is confidence that I can do this–NO! I AM doing this!  UniqueU is working for me, because I am working the diet the way I should. Is it easy, you might ask, not particularly, but what diet is easy or fun? Is it rewarding? Absolutely! Every time I get on the scales, which I only do at the UniqueU office, I am delighted with the weight loss that I experienced that week.  I have crossed the 7 week mark, and will weigh in again on Wednesday. My personal activity has increased, although I still haven’t made it to the gym like I promised myself I would do! I find myself doing all the tried and true things, like parking out farther from the stores and walking the steps instead of taking the elevator. I am able to resist temptation much easier now and my old habits of stopping for an afternoon cookie or candy bar has changed. I do sometimes hit the drive through for an unsweetened ice tea, but I also carry bottled water with me.

I guess the biggest motivator this week has been the results I had last week. I really, really, really wanted  a big cheat over the weekend–Ice Cream–but my husband just said, “Really? After coming off that great week are you going to blow it on an ice cream?”  No he was right and I didn’t. But ice cream is my weak spot. We made a pack not to eat it until we go to Hawaii later this year! Then it will be a delightful treat for sure! This week is sure to bring extra challenges, as they all do, and now that my new habits are developing, I will overcome those challenges by making better choices.  While on this portion of the diet, I can eat anything I want, it is just a trade out of what am I willing to give up to get something else.  It always makes me ask myself what I really want to do…  And getting into that cute green polka-dot, sleeveless dress is first and foremost!  My goal is another 30 pounds in the next 10 weeks. Yikes! I better start peddling my bike!

You can do this too, so come on, what are you waiting for?

Baggy Jeans, green dress