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Don't get too comfortable!

Okay, so having been on this diet since mid-February, one thing that I have come to realize is that I can get too comfortable! I am familiar with how many calories I can eat, what foods are okay and even how much I need to exercise. The problem is that I can quickly become “too comfortable” with what I am doing. It is so easy to say, “well I actually have 150 calories left so I can eat…..(whatever I want and believe to be under my calorie goal).  That’s not a good thing. After being so good for so long, last week I went in to learn that I had gained…only the second time (first time on vacation). It was only 3/4 pound, but those pounds quickly ad up and then its 1 1/2 pounds, then three, then six,  then OMJ I am back to square one.

This week I had to refocus on my goal. I  put it in front of me, made a determined effort to “stick to it!”  The prize is worth the effort.  We all know that with any goal, there are ups and downs and dieting and wellness are certainly no exception. I have a mini-chalkboard on my desk that my daughter made for me and I change the message weekly. This week it says, “Choose to be GREAT!”  All of our life is made of choices. We choose to work hard; we choose to have a great attitude despite our circumstances; we choose to be kind to someone we really don’t want to be kind to; we choose what we do with our spare time; and we choose what we eat, drink and splurge on.  I put splurge in a separate category since many times it doesn’t involve real food–just junk!

Today I weighed in and lost another 1-1/2 pounds for the week! Steady wins the race! My other motto is–The turtle always wins!

Have a great week and don’t get comfortable!

Zip Lines in Maui

Okay, so when I started this diet way back in mid-February, we were planning a trip to Maui for our anniversary. One of the things on my “bucket list” was to go zip lining.  I have never been zip lining, mind you, but I have seen pictures and videos and I love high places. So I was determined that I would do it in Maui. However, I refused to go if I had to worry about what my backside would look like zipping over people’s heads! My dieting success was a factor in my final zip line determination.

There were six of us on this amazing trip and after losing close to 30 pounds, I was determined to go regardless–I was in too deep to back out.  It was of the most fun things I have ever done!  The zip lines were up on a mountain side in Maui, close to where the road to Hana begins. The course was seven lines, or seven different places to go. They started easy and short, then the climbing began. There is no way I would have been able to make the climbs straight up the sides of trees or on rope ladders had I still been 30 pounds heavier! At one point we were 90 feet in the air on the platform, and we had to climb a swinging bridge ladder, a straight up the tree ladder and a rope ladder with wooden rungs to get there. But what a ride!

IMG_0091 In fact, I enjoyed it so much I have decided to contact all the zip lines in the area and volunteer to test their lines and write a blog about them! It was delightful and I would never have done it, and probably not been able to do it, had I not started on the UniqueU Weight Loss program in February.

The rest of the trip was amazing and two weeks on Maui for anyone is something special. I had determined not to worry about my diet, enjoy the moment and not “pig out.” I can’t say that I abided by that rule completely, as I enjoyed ice cream (my downfall) several times. We went to dinner and I sampled the various local dishes as well as desserts when I wanted. The condo was filled with snacks  which I also enjoyed.

When I returned to UniqueU last week, I had imagined that I probably gained between five and eight pounds. But much to my delight, when I stepped on the scale I was amazed to learn I gained less than a pound! In fact, I gained only 1/4 pound in the two weeks.  Now some would say that was not a win, as I spent two weeks and lost nothing, but I would have to rebut them and say I might not have lost, but what I gained was immeasurable!

I am back in gear now and will keep you posted on my success!  If you have something in your life you really want to do but your weight is keeping you from it, don’t give up–UniqueU Weight Loss program is the best program I have ever done and one that is both successful and “do-able.”  Call them today and start your own bucket list!

Here's to a Night Out!

I went out to eat last week with some friends (yes, you can eat out on the Unique U Weight Loss Plan), and I was careful of my choices. My friend, also on a diet regimen was having a horrible time with her selections. She had to special order everything on the menu, careful not to have anything added to her foods and making sure to drink the correct amount of water in between her courses. She explained she had to drink ½ gallon of water before eating her first meal at lunch time! Really? That doesn’t sound like a practical or long-lasting program! What happens when she eats breakfast again, notably the “most important meal of the day?”
I will admit that I have changed my eating habits since starting my diet back in early February. But by changing, I have learned to make better choices, select healthier portions and change my habits so that when I reach my goal I will be able to maintain my new weight.
I have now lost nearly 25 pounds and have shed a whole rack of clothes in my closet, as I am moving them from one closet to another. My summer clothes are in a pile heading for the washer and dryer so they smell springy fresh as some of them haven’t been worn for two summers!
There are hundreds of diets out there, each appealing to someone. If they didn’t work, no one would be trying them. But really, is dieting just about losing weight short term? No! In my mind I want to find my healthy weight (not the same as when I was 25 years old!), and I want to be able to maintain that weight forever!
So what will that look like when my goal is reached (and I still have another 25 to go!). It will look like a normal, average-size person’s meal plan. Breakfast (protein, starch) Lunch (veggies, protein, fruit) and dinner (protein, starch, veggies). Not three meals at the local fast-food drive through, but not drinking ½ gallon of water every day before I can put a bite in my mouth!
Many diets hype the healthiest, the longest-lasting, the fastest weight loss, the slowest loss which is supposed to stay off the longest, blah, blah, blah! Unique U Weight Loss allows you to lose weight relatively quickly (2-3 pounds per week), consistently, and not be so hungry you want to eat the table legs off the table! I’ve been on the diet now about 10 weeks, and after having a couple of very trying weeks at the beginning (burying my mother and cleaning out her apartment…) I was able to jump in, focus and lose weight.
If you are still on the fence, don’t stay there wishing you could do something about your weight. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. If you think you can do it alone, rejoin one of the many groups you have tried before, or eat your way to oblivion with the cabbage soup diet, why not try something different! Try the Unique U Weight loss plan and join me for a night out when we both reach our goals!  And when we go, I am wearing my little green polka dot dress!

Setting my sights on a cute green polka dot dress! With a belt no less!
Setting my sights on a cute green polka dot dress! With a belt no less!

I love this Diet! (Meaning…I LOVE the RESULTS!)

Wow! Spring has finally raised its head above the ground and I am excited to see the dandelions! After the long winter months of gray and white, any color will be wonderful!
I have lost about 22 pounds now in my quest for thinness! I was just telling my husband this morning, as I stood in front of the mirror, how baggy my pants are and how much I LOVE this diet! Well, I don’t actually love the diet, but I do love the results! This is the ONLY diet plan where I have ever lost a considerable amount of weight and kept it off…that sounds like an contradiction —I am back on the diet because I gained back part of the weight I lost five years ago.
Our lives are never the same from day to day. We change, our circumstances change, our eating habits and our exercise habits change. I lost nearly 60 pounds when I was on UniqueU five years ago. I kept it off totally for about three years, then gradually started gaining it back. My circumstances changed. I was working in my home full time so I could control what I ate and when, then I started working outside of the house most of the time: eating lunches out, and sometimes breakfast on the road.
Pretty soon I realized I couldn’t quite button my jeans comfortably. But then I just continued to do the same things that made me gain, and I continued to gain until suddenly all my “fat” clothes were too small! That’s when the panic set in and I knew I had to do something drastic!
UniqueU Weight Loss is the perfect plan for a busy person on the go. It is structured; it is doctor supervised; it makes you accountable; it is healthy and the number one reason—you see results! Now when I stand in front of the mirror, I see baggy pants and blouses that no longer pucker in the middle. I can no longer see my belly sticking out farther than my boobs! (Don’t laugh—it’s true!) I love when I buckle the seat belt that I now have a flatter tummy and it doesn’t pooch out onto my “lap”! I know it is the little things in life that matter.
I also love that I can run up the front stairs and have added energy. I can envision myself another 20 pounds or so slimmer and I can’t wait!
If you are hesitating because you think this won’t work, or it will be the same as other diets—don’t wait. The definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over and expecting different results. You will drive yourself insane! Jump off that wagon and get on the path to “thinness” that really works! UniqueU Weight Loss!

Ahhhh…Comfortable Jeans!

So I am getting more and more “notices” from my now 16.5 pounds lost! I am very excited to be able to fit into some spring clothes that I couldn’t wear at all last year!  I was down to two pairs of “baggy jeans” and now can fit into most of mine (although some are still breath-taking). I love the options I have uncovered in my closet.

The 16.5 pounds isn’t monumental (yet) but it is confidence that I can do this–NO! I AM doing this!  UniqueU is working for me, because I am working the diet the way I should. Is it easy, you might ask, not particularly, but what diet is easy or fun? Is it rewarding? Absolutely! Every time I get on the scales, which I only do at the UniqueU office, I am delighted with the weight loss that I experienced that week.  I have crossed the 7 week mark, and will weigh in again on Wednesday. My personal activity has increased, although I still haven’t made it to the gym like I promised myself I would do! I find myself doing all the tried and true things, like parking out farther from the stores and walking the steps instead of taking the elevator. I am able to resist temptation much easier now and my old habits of stopping for an afternoon cookie or candy bar has changed. I do sometimes hit the drive through for an unsweetened ice tea, but I also carry bottled water with me.

I guess the biggest motivator this week has been the results I had last week. I really, really, really wanted  a big cheat over the weekend–Ice Cream–but my husband just said, “Really? After coming off that great week are you going to blow it on an ice cream?”  No he was right and I didn’t. But ice cream is my weak spot. We made a pack not to eat it until we go to Hawaii later this year! Then it will be a delightful treat for sure! This week is sure to bring extra challenges, as they all do, and now that my new habits are developing, I will overcome those challenges by making better choices.  While on this portion of the diet, I can eat anything I want, it is just a trade out of what am I willing to give up to get something else.  It always makes me ask myself what I really want to do…  And getting into that cute green polka-dot, sleeveless dress is first and foremost!  My goal is another 30 pounds in the next 10 weeks. Yikes! I better start peddling my bike!

You can do this too, so come on, what are you waiting for?