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Zerona receives FDA Clearance

An article in the July / August issue of The Aesthetic Guide reports that Zerona low level laser therapy has achieved an industry first – FDA clearance for circumference reduction of the upper arm.

At UniqueU Medical Weight Loss and Wellness, we’ve long been impressed with the effectiveness of Zerona “cold” lasers. The science is sound, the results are real. It’s a great solution for anyone who wants to contour their waist, hips and thighs and now, as cleared by the FDA, upper arms as well. The breakthrough of the Zerona technology is our ability to target the laser to get at places that are hard or impossible to exercise effectively. as noted in the article in The Aesthetic Guide:

“Furthermore, it’s not just contouring the waist, hips and thighs concurrently; it’s also capable of spot reduction, which Dr. Heskett explained is a huge benefit. “This market is comprised mostly of women, and women desperately want to spot reduce troublesome areas. You cannot spot reduce with diet and exercise, but you can with Zerona.”

You can read The Aesthetic Guide article here, or contact UniqueU Medical Weight Loss and Wellness at (513)984-2700. We’ll be happy to explain how Zerona laser liposuction can help achieve your goals without pain or surgery.

Zerona – Body Contouring plus a Surprising Perk!

In an article in the July issue of Shape magazine titled “I Tried It! Laser Fat Removal” Charlotte Anderson writes about overcoming her skepticism and trying the Zerona Cold Laser body contouring system. At UniqueU Medical Weight Loss and Wellness, we’ve long been impressed with how effective the Zerona system is at helping our clients lose those last hard-to-get-at inches. Our program offers more Zerona treatments than many others, and our clients achieve great results. What’s interesting about Charlotte’s experience is the unanticipated side effect she experienced: “About an hour after each treatment, I felt incredibly rejuvenated and super focused. I even started planning difficult tasks around my treatments, knowing that I’d feel extra motivated at that time.”

You can read the entire Shape magazine article here.

Contact UniqueU today at (513) 984-2700 to learn more about how Zerona can help you lose those last few inches that will make you look and feel your best!

Dr. Dan Buchanan, DC

Summertime, and the weight loss is…

growing! 267 pounds lost last week by happy clients committed to a healthier tomorrow.

UniqueU patients in Cincinnati are a lot more comfortable this summer as their programs help them achieve their weight loss goals and build healthier lifestyles. The UniqueU program works by combining our patient’s commitment to achieving healthy loss with proven methods and supplements. Want to feel better? Look better?

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We’ll explain how the UniqueU program works, why it works, and what you can do to achieve the healthy weight and life you’ve been looking forward to.

Lose Inches Without Dieting? It's True!

It’s still summertime in Cincinnati, and many may be wishing they looked just a little better in that fantastic new swimsuit they bought in February but just can’t bring themselves to wear in public.

In February, it was easy to convince ourselves that we had plenty of time to lose just a few pounds and inches to look our best by the pool in July. Then, as we all know, life happens. The plans to lose a little weight get put on hold, there was a big graduation party to plan and all of a sudden it’s July and the new swimsuit hasn’t seen the light of day.

UniqueU Medical Weight Loss and Wellness offers Zerona, a cold laser body sculpting treatment that can help you lose a few inches where it’s most needed in as little as three and a half weeks.

As reported in an article last week on;

“Are you frustrated? Of course you are, and this is where Zerona treatments come in handy. You won’t necessarily lose weight, but each treatment is geared toward shrinking your fat cells to the point where you can now wear a two-piece bathing suit without fat folding over and under your bottoms and the back of the top – which brings the definition of Zerona to be a curving tool.”

At UniqueU, our Zerona patients are treated 9 times, and begin seeing results very quickly. Give us a call at (513)984-2700 for an opportunity to explain the treatment. We’ll develop a program for you that will help you look and feel better in less time than you ever thought possible!

I look & feel great! Now what do I do?

You’ve succeeded!

Your medical weight loss program has helped you achieve your goals.

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We’re here to help. We’ll publish weight loss and maintenance recipes from our book along with fitness tips and ideas here.

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