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Zip Lines in Maui

Okay, so when I started this diet way back in mid-February, we were planning a trip to Maui for our anniversary. One of the things on my “bucket list” was to go zip lining.  I have never been zip lining, mind you, but I have seen pictures and videos and I love high places. So I was determined that I would do it in Maui. However, I refused to go if I had to worry about what my backside would look like zipping over people’s heads! My dieting success was a factor in my final zip line determination.

There were six of us on this amazing trip and after losing close to 30 pounds, I was determined to go regardless–I was in too deep to back out.  It was of the most fun things I have ever done!  The zip lines were up on a mountain side in Maui, close to where the road to Hana begins. The course was seven lines, or seven different places to go. They started easy and short, then the climbing began. There is no way I would have been able to make the climbs straight up the sides of trees or on rope ladders had I still been 30 pounds heavier! At one point we were 90 feet in the air on the platform, and we had to climb a swinging bridge ladder, a straight up the tree ladder and a rope ladder with wooden rungs to get there. But what a ride!

IMG_0091 In fact, I enjoyed it so much I have decided to contact all the zip lines in the area and volunteer to test their lines and write a blog about them! It was delightful and I would never have done it, and probably not been able to do it, had I not started on the UniqueU Weight Loss program in February.

The rest of the trip was amazing and two weeks on Maui for anyone is something special. I had determined not to worry about my diet, enjoy the moment and not “pig out.” I can’t say that I abided by that rule completely, as I enjoyed ice cream (my downfall) several times. We went to dinner and I sampled the various local dishes as well as desserts when I wanted. The condo was filled with snacks  which I also enjoyed.

When I returned to UniqueU last week, I had imagined that I probably gained between five and eight pounds. But much to my delight, when I stepped on the scale I was amazed to learn I gained less than a pound! In fact, I gained only 1/4 pound in the two weeks.  Now some would say that was not a win, as I spent two weeks and lost nothing, but I would have to rebut them and say I might not have lost, but what I gained was immeasurable!

I am back in gear now and will keep you posted on my success!  If you have something in your life you really want to do but your weight is keeping you from it, don’t give up–UniqueU Weight Loss program is the best program I have ever done and one that is both successful and “do-able.”  Call them today and start your own bucket list!