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Don't get too comfortable!

Okay, so having been on this diet since mid-February, one thing that I have come to realize is that I can get too comfortable! I am familiar with how many calories I can eat, what foods are okay and even how much I need to exercise. The problem is that I can quickly become “too comfortable” with what I am doing. It is so easy to say, “well I actually have 150 calories left so I can eat…..(whatever I want and believe to be under my calorie goal).  That’s not a good thing. After being so good for so long, last week I went in to learn that I had gained…only the second time (first time on vacation). It was only 3/4 pound, but those pounds quickly ad up and then its 1 1/2 pounds, then three, then six,  then OMJ I am back to square one.

This week I had to refocus on my goal. I  put it in front of me, made a determined effort to “stick to it!”  The prize is worth the effort.  We all know that with any goal, there are ups and downs and dieting and wellness are certainly no exception. I have a mini-chalkboard on my desk that my daughter made for me and I change the message weekly. This week it says, “Choose to be GREAT!”  All of our life is made of choices. We choose to work hard; we choose to have a great attitude despite our circumstances; we choose to be kind to someone we really don’t want to be kind to; we choose what we do with our spare time; and we choose what we eat, drink and splurge on.  I put splurge in a separate category since many times it doesn’t involve real food–just junk!

Today I weighed in and lost another 1-1/2 pounds for the week! Steady wins the race! My other motto is–The turtle always wins!

Have a great week and don’t get comfortable!

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