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Doug's Success

Weight Loss Success and a Healthier Lifestyle

2011 was a journey for me.  A journey from death to life.  I had five heart surgeries in 2011; three of which were open heart, resulting from aneurysms.  I have always led an active lifestyle, including leading up to the annual physical where they discovered my problem.  I had been playing racquetball three days a week without symptoms.  I was fortunate; my caregivers told me that the first symptom I had could have resulted in instant death.  Thank God for employment physicals!

Doug changed his life with UniqueU Medical Weight Loss & WellnessLeading up to my multiple visits to the CC Country Club (Cleveland Clinic) I had lost 60lbs.  During the recovery period from my heart surgeries I had gained back 64lbs in 3 ½ months due to the medications I was on.  I needed to do something quickly and safely to get the weight off. I noticed that a number of my friends had lost significant amounts of weight while I was away. I asked them their secret and all of them shared that they were successful with programs that included education, support, exercise, supplements and medicines and, of course, diet.

Right away I went to my cardiologist and asked him what he knew about that sort of weight loss and healthy living program.  He informed me of a physician that he met during his residency that was running a spa called UniqueU Medical Weight Loss & Wellness.  He said that he had referred a number of his patients and that the feedback was great.  I made the call.

In April of 2012, I went for my free consultation.  I was not certain that I would qualify for the program because of my recent medical history.  After going through all the tests, in late April, I was cleared for the program.

During the first phase ( for me 3 weeks) I lost 29lbs.  I was hooked and highly motivated.  As of this writing, November 3, 2012, I have lost 89 lbs. and I am 31 lbs. away from my goal.

I travel a lot in my job; yet I find the program easy to follow. I have become more disciplined with my workout routine and I am learning nutritional behaviors that will sustain me for life.

My wife has also joined the program and is enjoying success of her own.  I am very proud of her.

Anyone that has suffered through multiple diets, as I have; only to gain the weight back, will find this program to be both manageable and sustainable.  I would recommend UniqueU to anyone who is looking to get healthy for life.  They certainly gave me my life back.

Note: As with any weight loss program results vary from individual to individual and these may not be typical. Our weight loss program includes a healthy diet and exercise to produce the best results.