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Here's to a Night Out!

I went out to eat last week with some friends (yes, you can eat out on the Unique U Weight Loss Plan), and I was careful of my choices. My friend, also on a diet regimen was having a horrible time with her selections. She had to special order everything on the menu, careful not to have anything added to her foods and making sure to drink the correct amount of water in between her courses. She explained she had to drink ½ gallon of water before eating her first meal at lunch time! Really? That doesn’t sound like a practical or long-lasting program! What happens when she eats breakfast again, notably the “most important meal of the day?”
I will admit that I have changed my eating habits since starting my diet back in early February. But by changing, I have learned to make better choices, select healthier portions and change my habits so that when I reach my goal I will be able to maintain my new weight.
I have now lost nearly 25 pounds and have shed a whole rack of clothes in my closet, as I am moving them from one closet to another. My summer clothes are in a pile heading for the washer and dryer so they smell springy fresh as some of them haven’t been worn for two summers!
There are hundreds of diets out there, each appealing to someone. If they didn’t work, no one would be trying them. But really, is dieting just about losing weight short term? No! In my mind I want to find my healthy weight (not the same as when I was 25 years old!), and I want to be able to maintain that weight forever!
So what will that look like when my goal is reached (and I still have another 25 to go!). It will look like a normal, average-size person’s meal plan. Breakfast (protein, starch) Lunch (veggies, protein, fruit) and dinner (protein, starch, veggies). Not three meals at the local fast-food drive through, but not drinking ½ gallon of water every day before I can put a bite in my mouth!
Many diets hype the healthiest, the longest-lasting, the fastest weight loss, the slowest loss which is supposed to stay off the longest, blah, blah, blah! Unique U Weight Loss allows you to lose weight relatively quickly (2-3 pounds per week), consistently, and not be so hungry you want to eat the table legs off the table! I’ve been on the diet now about 10 weeks, and after having a couple of very trying weeks at the beginning (burying my mother and cleaning out her apartment…) I was able to jump in, focus and lose weight.
If you are still on the fence, don’t stay there wishing you could do something about your weight. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. If you think you can do it alone, rejoin one of the many groups you have tried before, or eat your way to oblivion with the cabbage soup diet, why not try something different! Try the Unique U Weight loss plan and join me for a night out when we both reach our goals!  And when we go, I am wearing my little green polka dot dress!

Setting my sights on a cute green polka dot dress! With a belt no less!
Setting my sights on a cute green polka dot dress! With a belt no less!

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