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I’m Baaaaccccckkk!

After losing 57 pounds
Here i was pretty close to my goal in size 14 dress.

There is no shame in starting over—the shame is in knowing there is a solution and doing nothing about it.  Five years ago this month I joined Unique U Weight Loss program. I lost close to 60 pounds in about six months. I loved being on it and my new look and feel. It was just in time to celebrate my 40th Anniversary (yes I was a child bride). At that time I was also hosting a weekly TV program and maintaining my regular career as a writer.  I kept the weight off for about three years. Gradually I started to gain a pound or two, always limiting myself to “that is as much as I can gain.” But it wasn’t’ as much as I gained.

Last year when my husband broke his ankle in January, as any good wife would do, I began to cook comfort foods to make him feel better. Month by month I gained a little more; of course we couldn’t go to the gym since my husband was in a cast. Then in April I started working for a new company and I was back in sales, away from the healthy (or not so healthy) foods in my own kitchen, basking on fast foods and restaurants. Soon my size 16 pants were so tight I got a wedgie every time I wore them! But I had generously given away all of my size 18’s.  Well, actually, I was able to find three pair in the back of my closet (thankfully!) One pound lead to another and when I finally made the decision to go back to Uniuqe U, the ONLY place that has ever helped me lose and keep it off, I was a mere 10 pounds shy of what I weighed when I started there five years ago….

The good thing about all this is that I know I can do it; and I will be taking you along with me—so please, follow me in this blog and keep me accountable. I started last week and go for my first weigh in tomorrow. I will be sharing my success with you weekly!  Life happens. it’s all about how you handle it!

So how was the first week of detox? Pretty good! I am loving the fact that I can eat fruit, veggies and salads that I love, and I really don’t care about not eating the red meat or pork.  Sugar and carbs are an issue, but now after six days, I am getting used to it. My biggest vice is Diet Coke. I will admit I have splurged and had one a couple of times—just a glass (not a biggie drink from Thornton’s)  I really haven’t’ missed it much either.

The thing that is keeping me going is that I know I can do it. It is a fast and consistent weight loss of three to four pounds a week and over the next 12 weeks, I hope to get back to “looking decent” as now we will be celebrating our 45th wedding anniversary in Maui!  Cheer me on!

Here I am now, struggling to hide half behind my husband!