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A Little At A Time

Okay, so this whole “weight lose journey” is definitely a journey, not a destination!  I am in the groove and can see and feel the inches and pounds coming off. Having said that, I only lost one-half pound last week! (Yes, 8 ounces!) I know, it’s like 2 sticks of butter…but I can certainly tell it in my clothes!  My jeans are so much looser (even after washing and drying them) and the waist bands of my dress slacks are getting more comfortable. My “hard to reach” places, like my back, has less rolls!  Oh how sad does that sound! At any rate, I am sticking to my diet most days. I won’t say that I never get hungry, but I will say that my Want is stronger than the hunger—Not because I need to eat, only because after dinner at 7:30 I like to eat!

My husband and I stopped to get gas last week and he ran in to get a diet soda. when he returned, I said, “Remember the good old days when you would run in and get us a Snickers Bar to go along with that diet coke?”  He laughed and said, “Yes, but were they really the good old days?”  Sigh…I have to admit I am keeping my focus on my upcoming trip to Hawaii!  The thing about UniqueU Weight Loss, and all diets really, is that if you don’t stick to the plan, it doesn’t work! Sticking to this plan has been the most successful for me of anything I have done in my yo-yo dieting days of adulthood! It works when I work it!

Hopefully we can say that the bitter cold days of winter are fading in the distance and the enjoyable spring days are ahead. Getting out for an evening walk is much nicer when you don’t have to maneuver through the snow or slosh through the muck! I am looking forward to getting outside for some Vitamin D!  Since joining UniqueU in January, I have lost 13 pounds (about 5 weeks) not wonderful, but with all the things happening in those same weeks, I am feeling pretty good about it. I want to lose 30 pounds by May 1st, and I am on target to reach that goal.

If you are having trouble making up your mind if this is the right diet for  you, all I can say is, try it- it works! It is relatively easy, very convenient as you can eat what you have in your house, nothing special or peculiar–the important thing is to learn how to manage what you eat in both quantity and in calories. Then determine that you will do it-for your health, yourself, your lifestyle. I know first hand that regardless of WHO you want to lose wight for, the only one that matters when you step on that scale is little old YOU!

So come on and join me–let’s make these days the “good old days!”hawaii girls for blog

All right, so maybe I won’t look like this Hawaiian beauty, but at least I’ll be able to shake my booty without everything else shaking too!