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Lose Fat, Not Muscle

Sure, you want to lose weight. But don’t you really want to lose fat and maintain, or even build muscle?

When you begin to lose weight with many diets, the body reacts to the reduced caloric intake by consuming glycogen, a combination of glucose and water. 65% of your body’s glycogen is stored in skeletal muscles, so the weight you lose is muscle rather than fat.

With UniqueU’s weight loss program, after an initial physical examination our doctors will tailor our program for you to ensure that you lose weight by losing fat, not muscle.

We’ll help you lose body weight weekly, every week, with our four phase program. During the weight loss phase, you’ll lower caloric intake while we provide medicines, nutritional supplements and vitamins to keep you from feeling hungry and to make sure your body has everything it needs to keep you on track to achieve your goal.

After about 5 weeks of the weight loss phase, we’ll work with you to reset your metabolism by setting your caloric intake and exercise level to put you body into the ketosis phase, keeping your body at it’s fat -not muscle- burning peak. You’ll continue to lose fat while building calorie burning muscle.

Finally, in the maintenance phase, we help you train your body and yourself to maintain your weight loss and your goal. You’ll look great, feel better than you have in years, and continue to burn fat, not muscle. UniqueU patients will actually increase their metabolism, which helps them maintain their weight loss after they’ve achieved their weight loss goal.

Call 513-984-2700 to attend a free consultation. Our doctors will explain how our program will help you lose fat, not muscle, and achieve weight loss that you can maintain for a healthier life.

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