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Patient Training

Education Can Improve Results of Weight Loss for Women

Studies have shown that weight loss for women is enhanced when partnered with a comprehensive educational program. From understanding how a program works to ways to maximize your weight loss results, education is a vital component to success. There are many reasons why you should seek a program that offers weight loss patient training and education. Weight loss education benefits:

  • Provides an understanding about how medications, diet and exercise will encourage weight los
  • Walks you through each stage of the weight loss program and explains what to expect
  • Helps you determine if you are on track to reach your goals
  • Provides tips and insight into how to further your weight loss results
  • Helps you know what to do if you divert from the program and how to get back on track

Education allows you to be at the top of your game and have a better handle on weight loss management.

It’s proven; education can help women achieve better results with weight loss programs. Contact UniqueU Medical Weight Loss & Wellness to learn more. Call us at 513-984-2700 today.

Cincinnati Weight Loss Center Makes Patient Education Easy

Rather than having to run to seminars or meetings, UniqueU center for weight loss brings training and education directly to you. We know you are busy and may not have time to catch an afternoon or evening seminar. That’s why we have developed a series of online weight loss training courses to assist you every step of the way. Each online video was developed with your unique needs in mind.

  • Convenient delivery: watch videos anywhere, anytime – even in your pajamas!
  • Easy to follow: we break down the four-phase program, various techniques and medications into a comprehensive seminar package
  • Reinforces the message: unlike on-site live seminars, you can go back and re-watch videos to reinforce our message every step of the way
  • Empowers you: knowledge is power, so having access to weight loss educational seminars will help you take control of your weight loss destiny

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Current patients can view training materials and videos at the following links: