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Weight Loss Diet & Nutrition

Diet and Nutrition are Important to Healthy Weight Loss

There are numerous diet plans on the market that encourage improper nutrition ranging from starvation methods to detox and liquid only diets. These plans force patients to receive less calories than is necessary to physically function or deprive themselves of essential nutrients needed to stay healthy; for example, a deficiency of vitamins and minerals weakens the immune system and makes it difficult for the patient to fight infection.

Extreme calorie reduction and skipping meals only serves to slow down metabolism making it harder to lose weight. Once the patient returns to normal eating habits, not only is the weight that was lost is immediately regained but often the body tries to compensate by building up fat supplies in a phenomenon that is known as weight cycling, yo-yo dieting or the yo-yo effect. The body responds best to gradual and subtle alterations in diet whereas sudden and extreme changes can lead to a deprivation in essential nutrients.

At the other end of the spectrum, it is not possible to reduce body significantly without making any changes to diet. Patients who are currently eating many high calorie foods rich in carbohydrates and fats, or who are over eating, cannot expect to lose weight even when following an exercise regime. Eating less and making healthier choices is therefore the best way to burn off existing body fat.

The Education and Support You Need for Healthy Weight Loss

It can be very difficult for patients to ensure they stay on track with their diet when trying to diet alone. While it is best to seek professional advice, not all companies provide their patients with the same level of support, care and assistance necessary to achieve goals and keep weight off. It is essential to find an option that is safe and allows for significant body fat reduction.

UniqueU provides patients with weight loss support through a four-phase, multidimensional diet and nutrition program customized to suit the individual. All of the phases can work with various medications and nutraceutical for the best results. During the program, patients are taught how to prepare healthy and delicious meals for during the diet and after to continue with good nutritional practices and prevent weight cycling. The cookbook provided offers low calorie, healthy recipes that help patients attain their weight loss goals.

Patient Success

For 5 years Julia dieted relentlessly but weight loss eluded her. “I even hired a personal trainer on three different occasions, worked out really hard… but only gained weight,” Julia recalls. “Apparently working out hard makes you really hungry.”

After trying Weight Watchers, Nutra System and countless other diets, Julia discovered UniqueU. “UniqueU takes the suffering out of losing weight. Although dieting is hard work UniqueU was the easiest diet I ever did. They arm you with all the cutting edge medical technology to ensure your success. It is a comprehensive weight loss program that battles weight loss on multiple fronts.”

Note: As with any weight loss program results vary from individual to individual and these may not be typical. Our weight loss program includes a healthy diet and exercise to produce the best results.