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Weight Loss Program Cost

You CAN afford UniqueU Medical Weight Loss!

While no one can put a price on good health, we understand that the cost of our program is an important factor in your decision to look and feel better.

At UniqueU we’re proud that the results that our patients achieve are positive and, with a healthy diet and continued exercise, long lasting. The cost of our medical weight loss program averages $100 per week, with the final price varying for individual patients depending on your goals. UniqueU’s weight loss program is highly effective and efficient. Individual results vary, but our patients lose weight weekly while following the program, taking supplements and medications as directed, eating healthy foods in moderation and exercising regularly and maintain their goal weight after their program is complete.

It’s important to note that the total cost of healthy weight loss is frequently less than it appears at face value. When you compare programs you’ll see that UniqueU’s program includes everything you need to be successful except the food. As you’ll learn, you’ll probably spend less for food than you do today, eating healthier, losing weight and feeling better.

Lower Food Cost

There are several ways patients can actually save money while succeeding with the UniqueU weight loss program. The first of these is what you spend on food. Many people spend as much as $200 a week on food and beverages, especially when their eating habits include a lot of fast food. By switching to a diet based on lean proteins, fruits and vegetables average food costs are often reduced to just $75 per week.

That’s a potential $125 a week in savings from the UniqueU medical weight loss program!

Tax Deductibility

If you itemize, the cost of your weight loss program could be tax deductible. IRS Publication 502 states that medically assisted weight loss programs like UniqueU may be eligible for tax deductions with a physician’s diagnosis of a disease, including obesity. Usually, a patient’s Body Mass Index (BMI) determines the diagnosis. The BMI calculates body fat (and obesity) according to the height and weight of the individual. Through our experience in medical weight loss, we have found that it is very common for patients to receive this diagnosis, which could result in deductibility of program fees and diet food items. Please note that we’re doctors, not accountants, you should talk with a tax specialist about your specific deductions.

Use pre-Tax Earnings to pay for your Program

Many patients choose to use a Flexible Spending Account or Health or Medical Savings Account to pay for their weight loss program at UniqueU. Again, IRS Publication 502 usually determines eligibility and you should consult your own tax specialist to determine what you’re entitled to claim.

Payment Alternatives

At UniqueU, we’re committed to helping patients achieve their goal of living healthier, happier lives. We offer patients two programs to consider if the cost of our program exceeds their budget; Easy Pay and CareCredit. Easy Pay requires no credit checks, has a fast approval rate and provides patients with a number of flexible options to suit their needs. To qualify, patients simply need to review their financial obligations with our staff in order to build a plan to fit their monthly budget. The second option, CareCredit, is a credit card used solely for health treatments and procedures. Through promotional offers, many patients can avoid paying interest on their monthly payments.

Let us help you achieve your goal of living a healthier, happier life. Contact us at 513 984 2700, or attend a free consultation to learn more about how UniqueU can help make your weight loss program more affordable than you ever imagined it could be!