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Weight Loss Support

Support Helps You Lose Weight and Keep It Off

Successful weight loss requires significant lifestyle changes that may be difficult to implement when trying to go it alone. Studies on weight loss have shown that people who have the support of others are more likely to see significant results and to maintain these results in the long term than those who are trying to lose weight on their own. Patients are much more likely to fall back to their old ways if they do not receive adequate support, information and advice. Those who have the greatest chance of long term success have the support of other people who understand their determination and can help them to meet goals.

Support keeps patients motivated, it helps to provide a sense of accountability and it allows for celebration when goals are met. Patients who have support feel that they are not alone when times get hard and receive encouragement when they are doing well. The best type of support comes from qualified clinical staff who can provide patients with tips, advice and knowledge from their years of experience.

Weight Loss Support Designed for Your Needs

At UniqueU, weight loss support is specially designed around the needs and personality of the individual. The service includes physician supervised therapy, medical support throughout the program to monitor progress, and ongoing health education to teach patients to maintain results even after finishing the program. The one-on-one support and counseling is conducting with the patient’s personal Nutritional Coach as well as other nursing staff. Staff are always available for answering questions and providing advice, whether in routine or crisis situations, by both telephone and in person.

Patient Success

“I went to UniqueU Medical Weight Loss. I recommend them – highly. They are professional and very supportive. You see a doctor and talk to his or her staff each and every time. They were my guides and my support group. They prop you up if you have not had a good week, and they hug you when your kicked butt. And they understand what regular people go through to lose weight.”

— WLWT Anchor Lisa Cooney

Note: As with any weight loss program results vary from individual to individual and these may not be typical. Our weight loss program includes a healthy diet and exercise to produce the best results.