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Weight Loss Tips for the 12 Days of Christmas- Tip #12

UniqueU Presents Weight Loss Tips for the 12 Days of Christmas

The holiday season can take a toll on a weight loss program.  To get us back on track, UniqueU offers a twist on the celebrated 12 Days of Christmas.  In actuality, the Christian tradition of the 12 Days of Christmas begins on December 26.  The final day of celebration is on January 6, the Epiphany, when the wise men arrived bearing gifts.  One of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves is a healthy lifestyle.  UniqueU wants to support you on this journey.  In these days following Christmas, let’s get back on track with these 12 tips.  Even if you aren’t currently in the program, these 12 Tips will have you feeling more energized and in control. 

( UniqueU’s medical weight loss program utilizes a safe, effective formula that gives us the tools to lose weight and keep it off.  It’s not a fad.  The program is medically-based and proven.  We all know that cutting calories and being more active should equal weight loss. The reality is that many of us need help shifting our metabolism and burning excess body fat.  With UniqueU, we lose weight safely – fat loss not muscle – while we are changing habits.) 

Tip 12 – The Epiphany

It’s January 6, the twelfth day of Christmas, the Christian Epiphany festival.   On this day of celebration, we hope that UniqueU’s preceding  11 Tips of Christmas have given you insight into what helps you lose weight.   Perhaps, you may even have experienced your own weight loss epiphany. 

Merriam Webster defines epiphany as an “illuminating discovery, realization or disclosure”.  Maybe your illuminating discovery is that you like automating your eating and having only three or four food choices at meal time.  Or maybe it’s that when you food log with your sister, you don’t eat as much in the afternoon.  Or maybe, just maybe, you’ve come to the realization that you really do like spinach.

Whatever the case may be, weight loss techniques aren’t one-size fits all.  Take a moment to review our 12 Tips of Christmas and find one, two or several of them to embolden your journey. 

  1. Shift Into Over Drive with Exercise
  2. Don’t Be Resistant to Resistance Training
  3. Automate Our Eating
  4. What’s Up with Our Willpower?
  5. What’s Wrong with Resolutions?
  6. Thumbs Up for Food Logs
  7. The Small Plate Club
  8. Inflammation Fighting Foods
  9. Creating Healthy Habits – Inventory Control
  10. Creating Healthy Habits – Prepare to Prep
  11. Creating Healthy Habits – Tempt the Taste Buds
  12. The Epiphany – What tools work for you?

Begin your baby steps to a lighter, healthier you.  Happy New Year from UniqueU Medical Loss and Wellness.