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Weight Loss Tips for the 12 Days of Christmas- Tip #9

UniqueU Presents Weight Loss Tips for the 12 Days of Christmas                  

The holiday season can take a toll on a weight loss program.  To get us back on track, UniqueU offers a twist on the celebrated 12 Days of Christmas.  In actuality, the Christian tradition of the 12 Days of Christmas begins on December 26.  The final day of celebration is on January 6, the Epiphany, when the wise men arrived bearing gifts.  One of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves is a healthy lifestyle.  UniqueU wants to support you on this journey.  In these days following Christmas, let’s get back on track with these 12 tips.  Even if you aren’t currently in the program, these 12 Tips will have you feeling more energized and in control. 

( UniqueU’s medical weight loss program utilizes a safe, effective formula that gives us the tools to lose weight and keep it off.  It’s not a fad.  The program is medically-based and proven.  We all know that cutting calories and being more active should equal weight loss. The reality is that many of us need help shifting our metabolism and burning excess body fat.  With UniqueU, we lose weight safely – fat loss not muscle – while we are changing habits.) 

Tip 9 – Baby Steps for Creating Healthy Habits – Inventory Control

If sustainable weight loss is important to us, we need to do more than just lose weight.  We need to create new habits of healthy living.  If these habits are too complicated or stray too far from what we are used to, chances are we won’t stick with them.  Let’s go back to our “baby steps” when learning to eat healthy.

Here are three easy tips to start making small, sustainable changes:

  • Kitchen Clean Up – Look through your pantry and frig and get rid of those foods that tempt and provide very little nutrition.  Give them away or throw them away. (For all you veterans of the Clean Plate Club, it’s OK to throw food away.  We won’t tell your mother.) 
  • Hide, Don’t Seek – If you have to have common snack foods in your home for other family members, put them out of sight as opposed to having them on the counter, on the refrigerator or front and center in the pantry.  Studies show that eliminating the visual cue does reduce the incentive to indulge.
  • Stock Up – While you are reducing your inventory of low-nutrition foods, make sure you have plenty of healthy foods on hand.  Keep the staples that you like  in your frig, for instance, low-fat Greek yogurt, hard-boiled eggs, iced green tea, cut up fruit, cottage cheese.   

Check back tomorrow for more easy, prep tips.

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